Nearby Cave and some nature exploring

When looking to escape the heat anytime of the year in Texas, our guests are always wondering about is there to do and not be in a building or in the sun. Exploring caves is a great way to escape the heat as the temperature in the caves is always cooler, so much so, some folks carry a jacket or a long sleeve shirt! Our area has several caves and great natural areas to explore here are a few.

Cascade Caverns is one of oldest tourist attractions in Boerne. It is
known as a "living cave", meaning it is still growing and developing.
Stalagmites and stalactites grow slowly over thousands of years with many
colors from all the minerals present in the water. An under ground
waterfall? They do exist and there is one here! Be sure to call for
reservations 830-755-8080. This is a short 25 miles from Walnut Canyon Cabins.

Really a fun cave to explore with many rooms, and very unusual
formations like Cave Drapery and Soda Straws just to mention a few.
The Throne Room, where they hold concerts and other performances, is
just one of the large, beautiful rooms discovered underground. The tour
takes just about an hour and reservations are highly suggested. Call 830-
537-4212 for reservations, or visit www.cavewithoutaname.com for more
information of the music schedule and other events always happening at
the Cave Without a Name. This is a drive of 40 miles from us.

Is a little farther away and worth every minute of the drive! It has so
many options to choose from; a short tour, a tour featuring specialty
lighting, adventure tours that take you into lesser explored areas just to
name a few! There are numerous other activities to keep you entertained
after or before your tour begins or ends. Call 210-651-6144 or visit
www.naturalbridgecaverns.com for more information. This is a drive of
about 63 miles from Walnut Canyon Cabins.

This is a wonderful place with above ground hiking areas along the
Guadalupe River. This is a 117 Acre natural area great for exercising,
biking, hiking, bird watching and picnics, too! The Interpretive Garden is
an incredible place to take your time, learn about native plants and
animals. A rare find for many places in this area, is the display of fossils
found in this area. They help to tell the story of the lives of the people in
and around this area from centuries ago. Don't forget to bring your swim
suit and or fishing pole, you may want to cool off in the Guadelupe River
before heading back. A leisurely way to spend an afternoon and most of
the area is ADA accessible. Kendall County, Texas Click on the Department's tab and open Kreutzberg Canyon Natural Area. This is a drive of about 40 miles from Walnut Canyon Cabins and near Cave Without A Name.

Book with us and explore more!